It’s Only Temporary: How to Find and Hire the Best Temp Candidates For a Position

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temp agencies in planoA good employee may be hard to find, especially these days. Young workers aren’t always as loyal as they once were — but positions may not be as appealing, either. Long hours, low wages, and lack of benefits can make it harder for employers to keep staff members around. Considering that $11 billion is lost every year due to employee turnover, that’s no small matter. If you’re struggling to fill a vacant position or you simply need additional help during a busy season, temporary job placement may be the way to go. Temp jobs can save the company money while increasing efficiency and output. But how exactly do you go about finding and hiring qualified candidates for these temp jobs? The following tips should help.

Start Looking Now

While there’s a sense of urgency that comes along with filling any type of position, finding a temporary or seasonal work tends to be an even more pressing task. Don’t assume that you have plenty of time to find a temporary replacement for a current employee or extra help during the holidays. You should start looking as soon as you know you’ll need help. That means if you require more workers during the Black Friday rush, you should begin your search in September. If you have a summer job to fill, you should start posting ads in March or April. And if you know you’ll be experiencing turnover in the near future, don’t wait until the staff member is gone to look for a new hire. These delays can make it much harder to find qualified workers.

Set Clear Expectations

Whether you plan on posting your job listing online or will be working with one of the temp agencies in Plano, you need to be certain that you’re clear about what the position entails. This is especially true if the job is temporary or seasonal. Be upfront about the timeframe and hours of the position, first of all. If there is no chance the job could become permanent, don’t hint otherwise in the job description. Talk a bit about your company and the perks of working there; even if this seasonal worker won’t be able to take advantage of health insurance or paid vacation time, you still need to make it worth their while. For example, it could be a good resume-booster or an awesome networking opportunity. Most of all, be honest about the skills and other requirements for the position; that way, neither you nor the applicant will feel like time is being wasted.

Make It Easy to Apply

In the digital age, most companies will list their job postings online, rather than in the paper. But some platforms are better than others. And no matter what platform you use, you should ensure that it’s mobile optimized and that the application process is easy. Otherwise, you might end up with a lot of abandoned applications due to a frustrating experience. While you want to ensure candidates will put in the effort to apply for a given position, you don’t want to make doing so unusually difficult. If you do use a recruiting or job posting website, make sure that the platform provides you with all the features you need and that the process is intuitive. Of course, you could bypass this issue altogether, which we’ll talk about in our last tip.

Work With Temp Agencies

Instead of stressing out about job posting sites or candidate screenings, you can work with temp services to find the employees you need. Our temp agencies in Plano and throughout Texas can help you find hardworking and highly skilled temp workers for virtually any situation. Best of all, you’ll have access to a whole new pool of candidates you might not otherwise be able to reach. That will ensure a quicker and more effective hiring process and allow your company to minimize downtime.

Although working with temp agencies in Plano is great for filling full-time positions, it’s a welcome solution for seasonal and temporary help, too. If you need help from temp agencies in Plano, Dallas, Fort Worth, Irving, or Arlington, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to find out more.