Advice on How to Manage a Team of Diverse Talent

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Managing a Diverse Team

3 Tips for Managing a Diverse Team

Diverse individuals on the same team mean a range of backgrounds, education, and experiences that can mean fresh perspectives, great ideas, and the flexibility to respond creatively to business challenges.  This mix can also mean conflict, however, especially if a manager is unused to thinking from the varying perspectives that appear on a diverse team.

Here’s how to manage a diversely talented team or conflicting personalities:

  1. Observe patterns. An employee’s personality will become clear over time. For instance, which employees regularly make decisions “from the gut,” and which want hard data or facts to back up their plans?  Which are more likely to speak up first, and which speak to supplement, clarify or challenge an idea on the table?  When you know your team’s personalities well, you can better manage existing conflicts and predict upcoming ones.
  2. Find out what employees value. Everyone has a motivator; something they value and will work hard to achieve. Sometimes, motivators are internal like a sense of pride or responsibility; sometimes, they are external like a raise, promotion or praise in front of the team.  Find out what your team members value in their work and find a way to provide it – especially when they meet or exceed expectations.  Employees who know you care about what they care about will feel more included and thus more willing to work through conflicts on the team.
  3. Focus on the issues. When a team of smart, capable, and strong-willed people come together, the conflicts that arise can be tough to resolve. No matter what happens, keep a level head by focusing on the issues, not the personalities in the room – even if your team is claiming you are the problem.  By focusing on the issues, you demonstrate a willingness to remain neutral and place the good of the team and the company above your personal preferences for any member – even yourself.

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