The Sound of Silence: Why You Should Hire An Introvert

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why you should hire an introvert

2017 is coming to a close and still a cloud composed of unfounded misconceptions, behavior myths, and all-around poignant negativity hangs over the heads of introverts like a noxious, suffocating gas. To be exact, this incredibly dated way of thinking surrounds an introvert in many facets of waking life. But if we, like resolute photographers, change our lens and adjust our focus, a closer look reveals that it’s particularly (and topically) problematic in the modern workplace. To no fault of their own, introverts are up against all odds with their backs pressed to the ropes before a job interview even begins; this is a gratuitously complicated and universal problem. Contrary to the woefully popular belief, there are plenty of reasons to fill your team with, not just one, but multiple introverted personalities. Here are a few reasons why you should stop listening to the crowd and start hiring introverts today.

They’re Creative, Actionable Thinkers

The demand for creative, critical analysis is almost essential to every open position you have available. But more than that, you’re most likely looking for someone with the ability to put thought into action—into results.

It’s wrongly believed that to be introverted is to be shy, unwilling, and hesitant to a fault. There’s no denying that introverts think and act differently than extroverts, but, when compared to their extroverted counterparts, introverts are better equipped to handle tasks that require detail-oriented precision and (de)construction. In fact, from Albert Einstein to Mark Zuckerberg, some of the world’s most successful people are introverts.

They Look Both Ways Before They Leap, Then Look Again

It’s difficult to find anyone better suited for analytical tasks than an introvert. Introverts see the whole picture, inside and out, forward and backward. As a result, they ask more clarifying and often overlooked, questions when compared to extroverts. Additionally, introverts take time planning each meticulous step. While they may take a while to prepare, introverts more than make up for it with usually flawless and always timely execution.

They’re Awesome on Their Own

While not all introverts prefer to be alone, most introverts thrive on it. While teamwork is a critical aspect of any career or position, it’s important to know you have people who can excel on their own, without direction or support—and introverts do exactly that. Plus, introverts tend to stay quiet, so they’re more focused on work rather than their coworkers.

But They’re Awesome Team Players Too

Hiring introverts can have substantial benefits for the whole team. They might not admit it (or ironically even be aware of it), but when paired or grouped with extroverts, introverts do some of their best work.

Depending on the application or type of work, one personality is obviously more efficient than the other, and each is not without its shortcomings. But, what’s special about having the two come together is the results. In short, the dichotomy between the two personalities creates a transformative dialogue that nurtures thought and develops creative, thorough solutions. The two bounce off each other, and more than make up for their limitations. It certainly helps that many introverts are more than willing to share the spotlight which helps extroverts shine even brighter.

They Keep Calm & Carry On

Or, to use another expression, introverts are “cool under pressure.” Introverts are so detail-oriented that when presented with stressful situations they immediately start to compartmentalize and categorize. No one likes to be stressed out, but introverts (who spend a lot of time in their own head) especially don’t. That’s why they’re so quick to keep stressful, or potentially stressful, situations organized and on track. If presented with a work-related stressor, an introvert’s impulse is to rectify or resolve it as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

They Listen Differently

When compared to extroverts, introverts listen… differently; this doesn’t mean introverts are any more or any less empathetic than extroverts. However, the way an introvert listens is distinct. They tend to pick up on details that an extrovert might overlook (or not even bat an eyelash at). They’re not quick to respond, not necessarily out of politeness but because they’re trying to grasp the bigger picture to address the heart of the issue. When an introvert truly listens, they’re genuinely interested because for many it’s an opportunity to get out of their own head and into someone else’s, a chance to hear someone’s story. For others, it’s a chance to solve a puzzle—and adequately doing so requires emotional and situational intelligence acquired from listening.

They’re Not Afraid to Pull Back the Curtain

Because introverts see what others don’t and see what others choose to ignore, they can help clients—and consequently your company—flourish. Introverts are truth seekers. As such, they’re not afraid to ask the hard questions or do what it takes to get answers. Sometimes the thirst for knowledge might cause unwanted recklessness, but the willingness to pull down Oz’s curtain can be incredibly beneficial to any company once honed and appropriately applied to the job.

They Love Learning & Teaching What They Learn

As nature’s quiet observers, introverts are always studying. Whether it’s directly with the world around them or indirectly through books, introverts love to learn—and they’re good at it. But what’s more, introverts make excellent teachers because they love sharing what they know in as much detail as possible.



Despite research that suggests otherwise, introverts, in all likelihood, might forever be misunderstood and undervalued in the workplace. While no one knows your company better than you, if you’re currently hiring or thinking about hiring, it may be in your best interest to add an introvert to your team. And there is an abundance of reasons why you should; everything listed here is only the tip of the iceberg. For additional hiring insight or if you’re interested in hiring an introvert for your team, contact Burnetts Staffing, Inc. to find out how we can help you grow your business.


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