Temp Job Misconceptions: What You Shouldn’t Believe About Temporary Placement

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Whether you’re making a total career shift, have just entered into the professional world, or are looking for a job to pay the bills until you make your next steps, temporary placement is often a great option. But there are a lot of misconceptions that pertain to temp jobs that might keep you from seeking these kinds of employment opportunities. We’re setting the record straight in today’s post.

Temp jobs have no stability
It’s easy to understand why you’d believe this. Temp agencies look for people who can “fill in” on short notice, and there’s no guarantee that temporary jobs will turn into permanent ones. But approximately 22% of new hires leave their positions within 45 days of being hired, leaving their employers to scramble for a replacement. Sometimes, these temporary placements can go on for several months. It really depends on the company and their needs. Essentially, you shouldn’t assume that “temporary” implies only a day or two. This kind of position could lead you to your next career or help you get back on your feet without having to adjust to an entirely new environment on a daily or weekly basis.

Temporary employment opportunities won’t build my resume
Some people assume that just because you spend only a short time with a company or in a certain position, this won’t help your resume in any way. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. When you work with temporary employment agencies, you’ll show that you possess skills that others might not. For example, temp workers must learn quickly, learn to be flexible, and have a strong work ethic and people skills to succeed. While you might not always have the opportunity to show company loyalty, these resume additions will illustrate you have a lot to offer to future employers.

Temp agencies offer only low-paying placements
While it’s true that certain opportunities presented by temp agencies will be entry-level positions that pay appropriate ages, that’s certainly not true in every case. There are likely a number of mid-level opportunities available based on your skill set. And if you have specific certifications or in-demand skills, you’ll likely be qualified for a temporary position with a higher wage. That’s why it’s important to work with an agency that understands what you have to offer and can zero in on employers who are in need of it.

Although you might not have considered temporary employment in the past, this option can be a great way to make an income while you pursue an education or your passion, figure out your next steps, or make a difficult transition. To find out more about working with temp agencies, contact us today.

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