The Advantages of a Temp Job

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benefits of a temp job

benefits of a temp job

Temp jobs may be more popular than you think. More than 3 million temp workers and contract employees can be found in the American work force in an average week. Temp services have become more mainstream over the last couple of decades—and for good reason. We’re going to look at some of the benefits of a temp job so you can make a decision as to whether or not a temp job is right for you.

Getting Work in Between Jobs

One of the primary benefits of a temp job is it helps you fill in any resume gaps. This refers to the time you spend unemployed between jobs on your resume. Not only does a resume gap often leave you with less money as a result of being unemployed, it doesn’t look good on your resume. Companies want people who make working a regular part of their lives. In other words, they want employees who have made a good habit of working—consistently and without taking large breaks. Many professions involve jobs that can be hard to come by. And some have lengthy application and interview processes, so even when you find the right job, it can take a considerable amount of time before you actually get hired. One of the nicer benefits of a temp job is it can help plug the holes.

You don’t have to wait until you “need” it, either. A temp job shouldn’t be seen as a last resort. It can be the first resort as soon as you know you’re going to be out of work for a couple weeks or more. Having no resume gaps sends a message to potential employers: You’re consistent and dedicated to being a stable worker.

Step One to a Permanent Position

To understand why a temp job is such an asset to getting hired permanently, it’s best to think of the hiring process from the perspective of the employer. This will help you grasp one of the best benefits of a temp job. Who would you want to work for you? If you had a choice, would it be someone who is brand new to the building or an individual who has already gotten the lay of the land? Would you rather hire a stranger, or someone with whom you’re familiar? When you use a temp agency to land a job, you are giving a potential long term employer a look at you as an employee and a person. It’s important to recognize this specific advantage and try to leverage it, however.

Make it known to your employer that you are interested in working there on a more permanent basis. You won’t be making any demands, of course, but putting yourself on their radar is always a good idea. Don’t think that doing an great job is going to be enough to earn their consideration. Be proactive, and put yourself out there. Temporary to permanent jobs are often advertised as such. But some temp jobs can be transitioned into permanent ones once they realize you are the right person for their company.

Flexibility is a Huge Plus

Having the flexibility you need in order to live your life is important. For many people, they choose what they will do and when based on their job. That makes sense because work is a necessary part of life. For others, however, what they want to do comes before what they have to do. In other words, you can schedule your life around vacations, recreation, or family obligations, and that includes adjusting when you work as well. This is extremely difficult when you are working a regular job. Vacation time often has to be earned. On the other hand, if you find a temp job that goes from January to July, for example, you can work for that time period, and then take a Summer vacation. You don’t have to worry about the stress of saving up vacation time or trying to figure out exactly how to tell your boss that you want time off on the same weekend that half the staff has already requested. This saves both of you from potential headaches.

A local staffing company in your area can be a great solution for finding temporary employment. Don’t hesitate, get in the game and reap the benefits.