Top Benefits of Using Temp Workers

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temp agencies in texas

temp agencies in texas

As one of the most used and trusted temp agencies in Texas, we frequently get questions from employers about the reliability and work ethic of temp workers. In addition, being among the top temp agencies in Texas, we often get questions about what the rules and regulations are that surround staffing your team with temp jobs.

When it comes down to it, there are many advantages to hiring temp workers for your business. New hires that have a structured on boarding program are significantly more likely to perform well and stay with a company, so just because these are temp workers doesn’t mean you can forgo training. Whether you are looking to staff up for a holiday season or another busy time of year, there are many advantages to using great temp agencies in Texas. Here are just a few:

Provides Flexibility: Whether you need flexibility because staffing needs vary greatly throughout the year or just because your industry is a bit unstable right now, having a small full time force with temp workers to supplement your needs provides extreme flexibility and adaptability (ultimately improving your profits). One of the most frustrating expenses for businesses is dealing with employee turnover. Having to pay the cost of finding, hiring, and training new employees each season can be a drag. Additionally, if you do hire full time staff, only to fire them a few months later due to a lull in work, it can be a big downer on company morale. Temp staff can provide you with an excellent option for flexibility by increasing your workforce during busy seasons and times of year, or perhaps just to help work on a new project.

Adds Diverse Skill Sets: Though temp workers are often seen as lower-level roles, the reality is that there are some significant roles played by temp workers in every industry. Hiring in temporary staff can bring a new skill set and perspective to your business which can end up streamlining your business and creating new efficiencies, even after the temp team is gone. Additionally, if there is a new project or client that requires a skill set that is currently outside of your team’s capabilities, hiring a temp worker can be a great way to bridge that gap while you learn the skill set and can help you land that extra revenue. This keeps projects and pipelines moving forward and helps grow your business in a healthy way for the long haul.

Cost Savings: As one of the most used temp agencies in Texas we will be the first to tell you that there are costs associated with using temporary workers. However, these costs are often drastically less than attempting to recruit and hiring and train a new employee. Additionally, the process is often much faster because we have a large pool of candidates readily on hand to fill a variety of jobs and rolls. This tends to reverse when considering rolls that will last longer than 3 months. If you are looking for an employee to stay for 3+ months, it is often more cost effective (in the long term) to hire a full time worker. In these situations, talk to us about our temp to full time programs.

Finding Meaningful Hires: As mentioned above, hiring a temp worker can eventually lead to a meaningful hire. The great thing is, we have done all the initial vetting for you, so when you bring in some temp workers you can be assured that all of them will be honest, competent, and hard working. For temps that appear to be a good fit, there is no reason you can’t hire them on to a full time position after the temp position ends. This is one of the greatest things we get to take a part in, watching temp employees enter a meaningful, full time position with a great company like yours.

So no matter the reason you are looking for some temporary workers, be it seasonal rushes, new projects, or filling a skill based position you are currently missing, there are many benefits to using a temporary workforce.