Take Your Job Search Back to School

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If you think back to your school days, the time before classes started in the fall was the perfect transition from the freedom of summer to the structure of homework and books. It was a period of time when you got everything organized to prepare yourself for success in the year ahead. Even if you aren’t going back to school this year, you can still use the same familiar techniques to help you prepare for success in your job search.

Buy some clothes.

The changing of seasons is a perfect time to add to your interview wardrobe. As the temperatures drop, you’ll need different clothes, so make sure you have something ready for when it gets chilly. Look for fabrics like wool and thick cotton in neutral colors like grey or black. Don’t forget that you may need outerwear as well. Keep an eye out for simple winter coats that will keep you warm but not distract from your professional attire.

Get your schedule.

Since you’re not going back to school, you won’t get a list of classes you have to take, but you can make a schedule for yourself. Treating your job hunt like a class is a great way to make sure that you spend time on it. Find a regular time in your day that you can dedicate to your search, whether it’s before you go to the office, on your lunch break, or once you get home.

Find your desk.

You need a base of operations for your job search, somewhere you can store a stack of resumes and keep a log of the emails or phone calls you make in reference to openings. It doesn’t even have to be a desk. You can work on your job search at the dining room table, or, if you feel the need to get out of the house, you can store everything in a briefcase and go find a table at a nearby library or coffee shop.

Study up.

When you were younger, summer was probably a time when you forgot a lot of things that you’d learned during the previous school year. Even though you aren’t facing tests and papers now, why not make a list of subjects that you need to brush up on? This could be anything from practicing a skill you haven’t been able to use frequently to choosing a new one to learn so you can put it on your resume.

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