Tips for Finding Work After Long-Term Unemployment

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Tips for Finding Work After Long-Term Unemployment

Tips for Finding Work After Long-Term Unemployment

There are many reasons some of us may have large gaps of time between positions on our résumés. Sometimes, we get laid off due to a recession, and finding a new job feels impossible. Other times, new parents take a few years away from the professional world to care for their children. No matter the reason, finding employment when you have gaps in your résumé can be difficult. Get around this challenge with our tips for finding work after long-term unemployment.

Work on Professional Skills

If you’ve been out of a job for a while, one of the first steps to take is enhancing your professional skills. Some of the best ways to improve your professional skills are by:

  • Doing volunteer positions
  • Searching out contract work
  • Enrolling in classes

Another excellent way to polish your professional skills is by searching for an internship. While we often associate this intern work with young adults in college, some companies hire interns regardless of age. This allows you to learn more about a specific role that you can add to your résumé. Moreover, some internships can turn into full-time positions.

Attend Career Fairs

Search websites such as Indeed and LinkedIn for in-person job fairs in your area. Strive to attend as many events as possible and bring copies of your résumé. Before the event, jot down a list of attending companies with job openings that most interest you. Then, spend some time researching these companies so you have various topics to discuss when talking to the representative at the booth.

When attending career fairs, dress professionally and treat each conversation with company representatives as an interview. If you apply for a job at the company, mention the career fair and who you spoke to in your cover letter.

Pro Tip

If there are no in-person job fairs in your area, search for virtual options. Strive to engage in any group chats and ask in-depth questions.

Contact Your Network

Another way to find work after long-term unemployment is to reach out to friends and family to see if anyone has an opening at their place of work. Likewise, use your LinkedIn profile to reach out to connections or search for openings at workplaces where you know people. Asking for help can feel uncomfortable at times. Remind yourself that what you experience is normal, and there’s nothing to be embarrassed about.

Consult the Experts

Finding a job after several months or years of being out of the professional world can sometimes feel defeating. You may not know how to make yourself stand out. It can also feel like a blow to your ego if you don’t get callbacks immediately. Working with a professional recruiter for job placement services is a great way to get around this. A recruiter will help you craft an outstanding résumé, practice interviewing, and find the ideal position.

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