Use Temporary Jobs & Assignments to Gain Career Experience

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Whether you’re between jobs or you’re launching a new career, temp work can help you secure the long-term position you’re looking for. In a temp job, you keep your current skills sharp while gaining valuable career experience.

How Does Temp Work Help You Gain Career Experience?

Many job seekers shy away from temporary work because they fear that it will “interrupt” their track record of long-term positions or will consist merely of low-end labor that doesn’t demonstrate their competence in their chosen field. When chosen wisely, however, a temporary job can move you forward in a number of ways:

  • Temp work helps you “get your feet wet.” If you’re just starting off in a new career field, temp work allows you to gain exposure and learn the ropes. This early training gives you specific examples of your work to discuss in interviews and more confidence when talking about the skills and talents you bring to the job.
  • Temp positions are available in every field. Not all temp work involves wrapping gifts at the holidays or unloading produce during harvest time. Temporary work is available in every field. Finding a temporary position in your specific career path gives you specific career experience.
  • All temp jobs sharpen your “soft skills.” Even if you take a temporary job that doesn’t align perfectly with your career goals, you’ll be able to sharpen transferable skills like communication, time management, and teamwork.

Other Benefits of Temp Work

Taking temporary work offers a number of potential career “boosts” in addition to helping you hone your career experience, including:

  • Expanding your professional network. Every co-worker and supervisor you meet on the job becomes a member of your professional network and a potential ally on your job search.
  • Taking an employer for a trial run. If you’re looking for a long-term job but aren’t sure which employer will be right for you, temp work allows you to experience the company’s culture firsthand before you commit.
  • Showing off your skills. Doing your best work in a temp position demonstrates to the employer that you take a job seriously and would be a great addition to the team in the long term.

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