Want to Tackle Your Turnover Rates? Try These Tips

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Employee turnover is a major concern for many businesses. In fact, 46% of human resources say that retention is their primary focus. After all, no one wants to lose a good employee. But if your company seems to be struggling with high turnover rates, you should be exploring the reasons why and finding new ways to address these concerns. Here are just a few tips to get you started.

Look at your hiring process
If you’ve been dealing with a lot of employee turnover, you’re probably going through the hiring process more often than you’d like. Sorting through applicants, setting up and conducting interviews, and choosing the right candidate can be tough even under ideal circumstances. But if you’re desperate to fill a position or don’t have access to a good pool of candidates, you might be inclined to make a poor hiring decision. Unfortunately, that decision can cost you dearly.

Therefore, you can’t afford to make a mistake here. In addition to having a strong skill set, potential hires must possess the attitude necessary for the job and should be a good cultural fit for your team. If you’re having trouble gaining access to individuals who might fit the bill, consider staffing your business with help from job placement agencies in your area.

Engage current employees
Staffing your business with help from an agency can help you find qualified individuals, but it won’t do a thing to convince them to stay once they’re there. Employer loyalty can be hard to come by these days, but the best way to foster it is to ensure your workers are satisfied with their positions, their coworkers, and their environment. If they are invested in the company as a whole, they’ll be more likely to stick around. You need to make your employees feel like they’re part of your community and that their contributions matter. Whether that means you recognize small accomplishments on a regular basis, create a comprehensive onboarding program, or host regular appreciation events, you need to show your employees they care. Even encouraging an employee to use their sick days and vacation days can actually go a long way in keeping a worker engaged in their jobs.

Take employee feedback seriously
While you shouldn’t be inclined to implement every single employee request, you should make it a habit to listen to your employees when they voice concerns. You should foster a collaborative, supportive atmosphere that encourages those in your employ to express their struggles and highlight opportunities that should be addressed. Your workforce is likely your biggest asset in determining the factors that continue to contribute to your high turnover levels. It may not be feasible to make all of the changes they suggest, but you need to let them know that they’re heard and that you’re dedicated to creating a solution.

If you’ve had problems staffing your business with the right people in the past or have had issues with retention, consider using these tips going forward. As one of the most reputable Fort Worth staffing agencies around, we’re here to help. Contact us today to get started.

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