What Employees Need To Know About Signing Bonuses

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What Employees Need To Know About Signing Bonuses

What Employees Need To Know About Signing Bonuses

It’s easy to get excited when a company offers you a signing bonus. But before you get caught up in that excitement, there are a few important things you need to understand regarding signing bonuses. Keep reading to learn what employees need to know about signing bonuses.

What Is a Signing Bonus?

First, what exactly is a signing bonus? Simply put, it’s a lump sum of money that a company offers a new employee when they accept a job offer. The company uses this incentive to encourage top talent to join their team.

What Are the Tax Implications?

One of the most important things to keep in mind when you’re offered a signing bonus is that it is taxable income. Like your regular salary, a signing bonus is subject to federal and state income taxes and FICA taxes. The amount you are offered will not ultimately be the amount you receive.

Are There Contract Contingencies?

It’s also important to consider whether the signing bonus is contingent on anything. Some companies may require you to stay with them for a certain length of time in order to receive the bonus; this is often referred to as a clawback provision. Before signing anything, ensure you understand any contingencies that are in place. After all, you don’t want to be stuck owing money back to the company should you choose to leave earlier than anticipated.

Should You Always Take a Job With a Signing Bonus?

While signing bonuses are a nice perk, they shouldn’t be the sole reason for accepting a job offer. Considering the overall compensation package, including salary, benefits, and how the job fits into your long-term career goals, is important. If the signing bonus is the only appealing aspect of the offer, you may want to think twice about accepting it. Weigh your options and carefully consider the pros and cons of the offer before making a decision.

Now that you understand what employees need to know about signing bonuses, you can make an informed decision when you receive your next job offer. And if you’re ready to find your next role, contact Burnett’s Staffing. Our staffing agency in DFW will help you find the right fit for your career goals.