What You Should Do When You Can’t Find a Job

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What You Should Do When You Can’t Find a Job

What You Should Do When You Can’t Find a Job

Applying for jobs is a different process for everyone, and sometimes it feels impossible. If it seems like you’ve hit a wall and can’t find employment, you should review your resume, enroll in a class, or get help from a professional. Read on for expert tips on what to do when you can’t find a job.

Review Your Resume and LinkedIn

Look at your resume and LinkedIn when none of the jobs you’ve applied to give you a callback. Do you have the necessary experience and education for the role you want? Likewise, which of your personal qualities makes you stand out?

As you review your resume and LinkedIn, put yourself in an employer’s shoes and ask yourself if the skills you’ve listed are valuable to the position you’re applying for. If not, it may be time to update your resume and add new skills or certifications to make yourself a more attractive candidate.

Reevaluate Your Preferences

Another reason you may not be getting hired could be because your expectations are too high. By getting too specific with your desired benefits and pay, you’ll narrow your scope for available positions. The narrower you get, the smaller your pool of available jobs becomes.

For instance, compare the salary you think you deserve to the industry average in your city and state. Research the typical salary range for the position you’re applying for and compare it with your skills.

Contact Your Network

Getting lost in the web of online job searching is easy, but you should always reach out to your network. Contact past colleagues, college friends, or even family members who may know of job openings that you could apply for.

You can also expand your network by attending industry-specific events or joining professional groups on LinkedIn. Strive to keep in touch with people you form connections with; you shouldn’t wait until you need something to communicate with these individuals.

Take a Professional Class

If you’re unemployed and struggling to find a job, consider enrolling in a course at your local community college that could better your skillset. This may mean taking a finance class if you work in accounting or a communications class if you’re in HR. Signing up for a class will expand your knowledge and create new networking opportunities.

See a Recruiter

The final thing to do when you can’t find a job is to work with a recruiter. One of these experts can present you with job opportunities you may not have known since recruiters work with companies. Most recruiters also offer professional advice and help, such as by workshopping your resume.

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