What You Should Know Before Making a Career Change

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What You Should Know Before Making a Career Change

What You Should Know Before Making a Career Change

Nearly all of us change jobs several times throughout our professional lives. This is a normal part of having a job, as new positions mean different challenges and personal growth. Of course, taking that leap isn’t always easy, and you may question whether it’s the best decision. Below, we’ve explained the top things you should know before making a career change.

Desire for Change

There are many reasons why people change jobs or career fields, and as you begin thinking about changing jobs, determine the reason behind it. Are you hoping to learn a new skill, or are you bored in your current position?

Understanding the why behind your desire for change comes in handy during interviews. Potential employers often ask about the reason behind your shift, and they expect to hear more than a simple “because I want to.” By explaining that you want new challenges, you prove that you’re driven.

Location of the Job

Some people make career leaps due to location, and in today’s market, this may mean the opportunity to work remotely. If you need to move to a new home and your current position requires you to go into the office, staying may not be possible. As you search job boards, review the role’s location and whether there are hybrid or remote work options.

Potential for Growth

While one line of work may sound more fun, you should have growth opportunities. By neglecting this, you may end up searching for another new career shortly. Your goal isn’t to find a quick fix; you want a job you can spend a few years at. When there are opportunities for growth within the field of work and at the companies you apply to, you invest in a career.


If you change fields, you may not want full-term employment right away. Instead, consider contract-to-hire positions so that you can test the waters before committing to the job.

Company Reputation

Once you’ve decided on the role you’d like to switch to, it’s time to evaluate your employers. Company reputation and workplace culture can make or break your professional life.

For example, you could put in for your dream position, but the job won’t be enjoyable if the company has a toxic culture. Search websites such as Glassdoor to read through employee reviews before applying.

Evaluate Your Finances

Another key thing you should consider before making a career change is your financial situation. Can you afford to make this shift? Some employers list the salary range on job postings, but this isn’t always the case. It’s always best to inquire about salary and the benefits package during interviews to determine if this career change is worth it.

Simplify Your Job Search

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