Workplace Safety Tips for Temporary Employees

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Workplace Safety Tips

4 Workplace Safety Tips to Keep in Mind

If you’re considering a temporary job, it’s important to think about workplace safety.  Although many companies attempt to provide safety training to their temporary workers, when you’re on the floor or at your desk, knowing what risks to watch for can help keep you and others from suffering unnecessary injuries.  Here’s how:

Avoid a Slip and Fall

Wherever you walk at work, keep an eye on the floor in front of you for spills, debris, objects, or broken flooring.  If you see a spill or other mess that could cause a fall, clean it up or ask someone else to clean it up.  Non-skid shoes can also help, especially if you regularly walk on slippery or littered surfaces.

Protect Your Back With Safer Lifting

Many temporary jobs ask you to lift heavy boxes or other objects.  Before attempting a lift, start by moving the box a little with your foot.  This will help you determine how heavy it is, which will help you decide how to approach the lift.  Focus on keeping your head up and your upper body straight.  Bend at the knees and hips to pick up the box instead of from your waist.  Keep the weight close to your body as you carry it to reduce strain on your shoulders and arms.

Know Your Fire Safety

Some jobs come with an increased fire risk, but a fire is possible in nearly any job setting.  To stay safe, learn your workplace’s fire plan, including where the exits and meeting places are and where to find the nearest fire extinguisher. Learn how to put out different types of fires that may occur – for instance, oil and some chemical fires cannot be put out with water. Check that any chemicals, including cleaning supplies, are kept in a well-ventilated room.

Learn How to Document Risks

Make sure you know how to report safety problems to the company, including how to fill out any forms or document the problem in other ways.  If you report a problem, be sure to follow up to make sure that it is addressed.

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