You Got the Job – Now What?

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what to do when you get the job

“Congratulations! Our client was very impressed with you and wants you to start Monday!”

That’s what we hope to say to the candidate who applies with Burnett’s. When the tough process of applying and interviewing is done and you are ready to begin your new position, we are still here to assist you. If you are placed in a temp or temp-to-hire position, your Burnett’s Staffing Coordinator will still be an important resource for you, and he or she will do everything possible to make sure you are prepared, comfortable and successful in your new position.

Before you begin your assignment, your Burnett’s Staffing Coordinator will prepare you by going over items such as:

  • What you get paid and how you get paid.
  • Detailed information about the company, such as their background and corporate culture.
  • Company policies regarding such things as dress code, hours and days of work schedule, lunch, and breaks.

There are also some things you should do to prepare yourself:

  • Let your Staffing Coordinator know about any days you might need off due to existing appointments or commitments so those can be handled ahead of time.
  • Don’t make any drastic changes to your appearance. The client hired the person they interviewed! Continue to maintain a consistent and professional look each day.

When you start your assignment, you’ll want to make the best possible impression. On your first day, you should:

  • Be on time!
  • Be professionally dressed.
  • Silence your cell phone – even if other employees are using theirs. (They may not be following company policy themselves, and you don’t want to join them!)
  • Check in with your Staffing Coordinator to let them know you arrived on time and also how your first day went. Should you have any concerns voice them immediately.

Now that you’ve made a great first impression, you’ll want to follow through with exceptional performance! You should:

  • Take detailed notes during your training. Don’t rely on your memory – be sure to write down important information and refer back to your notes as needed.
  • Perform your job as you are instructed. Don’t take shortcuts or decide you know better than your Supervisor.
  • Have an open, flexible attitude.
  • Take initiative! If you find you have down time, ask what else you can do to help.
  • Remember, this is your time to shine! If you go above and beyond, chances of your assignment turning into a full time job are much greater.
  • If things go extremely well, as we hope they do, and your Supervisor wants to hire you before your assignment is up, contact your Staffing Coordinator right away so he or she can initiate the proper procedures to make your transition a smooth one.

There are also a few cautions you should heed as you begin your job:

  • Don’t bring in a lot of personal items, like photos or desk ornaments. Remember, this is a temporary or temp-to-hire position.
  • Always be on time every day! Calling in during the first weeks of your job will not make a good impression. Of course, if you are genuinely ill, you should not go in. If that happens, contact your Staffing Coordinator prior to your scheduled report time so arrangements can be made to cover your shift.
  • If you have any problems or concerns, report them to your Staffing Coordinator immediately. Don’t try to resolve issues with the company by yourself.

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