10 Quick Tips for Recruiting IT Talent

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Technical Recruiting Tips

As the economy rebounds, finding top IT talent has become tougher than ever.  Here are ten easy ways to recruit the IT staff you need without blowing your budget:

1. Look in the Right Places

Where do IT professionals seek work? Studies indicate that nearly all of them check job boards as part of their search – which means to catch their attention you’ll need to post on job boards as well.

2. Put Your Value Front and Center

A strong employment brand and value proposition can make your company seem like the place to work – putting you first on the list for IT professionals who are seeking a new position.

3. Shrink Your Application

The longer an online application is, the more likely it is that top talent will consider it not worth completing. Create shorter, more focused applications to ensure you hear from the best people.

4. Sell the Job

At every step of the process, clarify what the position’s daily responsibilities are and what skills are needed to get them done. You’ll attract IT talent who want to do those tasks – making them more likely to be satisfied with their daily responsibilities.

5. Screen With Fit in Mind

A screening process that looks for a compatible personality and approach to work, as well as top-notch skills, is more likely to find and keep a top hire than a process that focuses on ability alone.

6. Train Your Interviewers

Interviewing is a skill, which means the hiring managers benefit from learning it, instead of picking it up “on the fly.” Your hiring will benefit from thorough, focused interviewing as well.

7. Ask for Stories

Use behavioral interview questions to explore what the candidate has done in the past. Evaluate what the candidate learned from those experiences.

8. Get Referrals

IT professionals tend to bond over their work. Ask your current top IT talent to recommend professionals they know who can fill the position and offer a good cultural fit.

9. Never Stop Looking

Studies estimate that half of all IT professionals check out job postings at least once per week. If they’re always on the lookout, you should be too! Stay current to see who’s seeking a new position.

10. Work With Your Recruiter

Recruiter’s job boards are a “hot spot” for top IT professionals seeking a new employer, and a majority of IT professionals talk to a recruiter when seeking work. If you want to know which top talent is available, your staffing partner knows the answer.

At Burnett’s Staffing, our technical recruiters can help you find the talent you need to keep your company on track. Contact us today to learn more about our technical recruiting services in Dallas, Texas.

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