5 Steps to Work Towards a Management Position

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Steps to Help You Work Towards a Management Position

Want to work your way into a management or leadership position?

Climbing the corporate ladder can be tough, especially if you intend to do it quickly.  But it can also be highly rewarding and provide the kinds of challenges that make it worth showing up to work every day.  Here are five steps to take to move toward a management position in the coming year.

  1. Always do your best. Dancers and actors know that how they perform in rehearsal is how they will perform on stage – and so do supervisors in charge of assigning promotions. Think of the job you have now as your “rehearsal” for a leadership position.  Demonstrate you’ll do outstanding work as a manager by doing outstanding work with the level of responsibility you currently have.
  2. Take assignments other people don’t want. The less-desirable assignments build your reputation in two ways. First, they demonstrate you understand how being on a team isn’t always pretty but is necessary for success.  Second, they provide opportunities that your co-workers are passing up – but you’re poised to turn to your advantage.
  3. Continue your education. Keep your eyes peeled for topics you could learn more about, and take the opportunity to keep learning, whether it’s through community college classes, seminars held in your industry or certification classes. The more you learn the more indispensable you become.
  4. State your intent. Hiding your intent to move into management is a great way to get overlooked by those with the power to grant you that promotion. Instead, state your plans: “I want to reach a management position in the next two years.  What things should I prioritize in order to make this happen?”
  5. Be willing to “climb sideways.” A few decades ago, it was normal for employees to join a single company and climb the ladder there until the end of their careers. Today, lateral moves among employers are far more common.  If your current employer doesn’t offer the clear, concrete path to management position you want, consider branching out.  Your recruiter can help.

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