2015 Guide to Creating a Successful Staffing Strategy

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While many Texas companies are thinking short term, the benefits of finding even a few hours now to plan for your company’s staffing needs in 2015 will pay off big.  Here’s how:

Why Do We Need a Staffing Strategy?

Imagine a business that fails to manage its supply chain.  It’s not going to last long as a business, right?

Businesses that fail to think strategically about staffing open themselves up to many of the same risks that come with failing to manage a supply chain.  Managing your talent supply matters – and kicking off the process now will give your business the “edge” it needs to flourish in the coming year.

Building Your Staffing Strategy: Start Here

Where should you begin creating your staffing strategy for 2015?  Here’s a “quick start” guide:

  • Know exactly who you’re going to need.  Take a look at the organization’s current trajectory and its goals for the coming year.  Use these to identify the departments and positions you’ll most likely need to hire for.  Then, dig in.  Make sure you have updated, detailed job descriptions for each of these positions.  Talk to managers and people who currently work in these positions to get an accurate view of the skills, experience, and education needed to excel at the job.
  • Start strengthening your company’s hiring “brand.”  What makes your company culture stand out?  What do you want to be known for – or want your employees to be known for?  By identifying a consistent company culture, you’ll be able to sell this hiring “brand” more easily to potential candidates, improving the “fit” between the jobs you need to fill and the candidates who step forward to fill them.
  • Know where to find the right candidates.  Simply posting job ads in the local paper or on your company’s website isn’t enough.  Reach out to your industry’s professional networks and ask star employees to recommend individuals with the skills you’re looking for.  Finally, give your recruiting firm a call.  When you provide detailed information – like updated job descriptions and a strong statement of your company’s culture – your recruiter can help you target top candidates in your industry.

At Burnett’s Staffing, our experienced recruiters can help you ask the right questions to plan for 2015’s staffing needs.  Contact us today to learn more about our staffing services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area!

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