Why You Should Consider Hiring Overqualified Talent

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Every hiring manager has seen it: a resume from a highly experienced, thoroughly skilled, and highly driven candidate…who is applying for a job several steps below his or her current qualifications.

While it’s easy to dismiss such candidates as “overqualified” and pass them by, doing so might be the worst candidate decision you make in a hiring cycle.  Here are several reasons to take a second look at seemingly “overqualified” candidates – and even to hire one:

“Overqualified” candidates offer more flexibility.

A candidate who has skills that go “above and beyond” the job posting doesn’t leave those skills on the sidewalk when they enter your company.  The candidate brings his or her entire skill set along, making their work valuable not only in the current job opening, but also on other projects the company might need to tackle in the near future.

The right “overqualifications” offer the right value.

Many hiring managers shy away from “overqualified” candidates because they fear that, in order to keep the candidate, they’ll have to pay more in salary.

While it makes sense to pay “overqualified” candidates toward the top of the pay range for the offered position, making this small outlay often means big returns in value.  The candidate has the skills to tackle complex problems, bring a team together by bridging the gap between junior and senior skill sets, and grow quickly within the organization.  This means better productivity at a lower price than you might pay the same candidate for a “suitable” position.

Interviews can focus on fit.

You know an overqualified candidate can succeed at the day-to-day tasks the job requires.  During the interview, hiring managers can spend more time evaluating the candidate’s understanding of the position and their cultural “fit” with the rest of the organization – both of which will have a big impact on the value the candidate offers the company.  When an overqualified candidate understands his or her position and wants the job for the right reasons, however, the fit might be ideal.

At Burnett’s Staffing, our recruiters strive to find candidates who provide a good cultural “fit” as well as the skills needed to succeed on the job.  Contact us today to learn more.

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