3 Career Strategies You Need to Adopt

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Career Strategies

The year is well underway. Whether or not you’re look to make a job change, this time of year is an excellent time to take a second look at your career path and decide which way you want it to go.  Here are three great career strategies to consider adopting:

Find what you need to do to land that raise or promotion.

Many companies conduct their annual performance reviews in the first couple quarters of the year.  Seize this opportunity to find out what it will take for your company to give you that raise or promotion you’ve been dreaming about.

Prepare for your performance review by looking over your job’s key duties and finding concrete examples in your work that demonstrate your ability to meet or exceed these goals.  Use the performance review to talk up your accomplishments, then ask: “What do I need to do in the next year to earn [the raise or promotion]?”  Once you know what you need to do, make plans to do it.

Get – and stay – organized.

Plenty of workers make resolutions to “get organized.”  But while creating an organization system is relatively easy, keeping up with it is more difficult.

Instead of overwhelming yourself with a total overhaul, focus on the one or two areas in which you most need to be more organized.  For most people, that’s the calendar and the desktop: find ways to manage your time and your workspace more effectively, and you’ll be primed to tackle the big projects that will move you closer to your overall goals.

Move on.

If you feel stuck, if you’ve been told there are no promotions on the horizon for you, or you know you aren’t doing your best work with the boss or team you have, it might be time to move on.  Think of the new year as a time when you are free to consider all your options, including quitting or finding a new job where your work is appreciated and you will be allowed to thrive.

Not sure where to start the job search – or how to do it without your co-workers catching on?  Talk to a recruiter.  Staffing firms that specialize in your field will help you reach out to new employers while keeping your search confidential.

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