“Selling” a Job to Top Talent: A Guide for Non-Salespeople

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Top talent in any field can be tough to recruit.  These established professionals or “rising stars” often have several job offers on the table, and they don’t have to settle for any company that offers less than a good fit.

When hiring managers aren’t in sales themselves, “selling” a confident, expert candidate on a job opening can seem like a daunting task.  But it doesn’t have to be.  The candidate may be one of the top minds in their field – but you know more about the company than anyone else, and you are uniquely placed to convince any candidate to love working here as much as you do.  Here’s how:

  1. Know what makes this position worth having. It’s nearly impossible to sell a product you’re not passionate about.  In order to sell a job offer to your top candidate, it’s important to convey passion and enthusiasm about the position.  Begin by looking at the job description and asking yourself, “Would I accept this job based on how I’m about to present it to the candidate?”  If the answer is “no,” comb the job description and talk to current and former staff about the most appealing parts of the position.  Use these as the basis for your description.
  2. Know what makes your company a great place to work. Just like you’ll need to convey passion about the job itself, you’ll also need to demonstrate to a top candidate why the organization is a great place to work.  Remember that many top candidates are comparing competing offers from multiple companies.  Since responsibilities, opportunities, and compensation may be similar across all job offers, a candidate’s choice will often depend on which company culture they most want to become part of.
    Ask yourself what you love about working with your current company.  Ask colleagues the same question.  The answers can become the basis of your discussions with the candidate and may inspire creative ways to “sell” the position.
  3. Consider offering non-traditional benefits. Top candidates reach the top because they possess a sense of innovation, focus, and commitment that run-of-the-mill candidates don’t have.  To them, opportunities like managing their own work-life balance with “flex time” or working on a pet project of their own matter more than a few more dollars in the paycheck.
    Consider what non-traditional benefits you can offer top candidates.  Even small things, like gym memberships or telecommuting options, can make a big difference to a candidate’s preferences and productivity.

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