3 Ways Millennials Can Use Their Generation To Their Advantage

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Millennial Label

3 Ways Millennials Can Use Their Generation To Their Advantage

Millennials have acquired a reputation in the work world for being “lazy” and “entitled” – but this reputation is largely based on rumor, not fact. On the flip side, millennials have a passion, curiosity and drive that previous generations are thought to lack.

Here’s how to use the title “millennial” to your advantage in order to land a great new job:

Talk about your education and passion for learning.

Millennials are, on average, the most educated generation. More millennials have college degrees than in any previous generation, and even those who don’t hold a four-year credential have completed some kind of education or training after their graduation from high school.

Because millennials grew up as computers were becoming commonplace (and changing every few years), most members of this generation are adaptable and quick to learn both inside and outside the classroom. Put your education and willingness to learn front and center in your interview to demonstrate you’re ready, willing and able to learn how to thrive at this company.

Ask about opportunities for advancement – and a “road map” for getting there.

Members of the millennial generation have been in the workforce for as many as 15 years at this point, but have regularly faced older workers who look on them with scorn – as well as an economy that crashed many of their career prospects. If this sounds familiar, turn it to your advantage by asking your interviewer what opportunities for advancement are available and what is considered successful at this company. You’ll demonstrate your motivation, and you’ll also find out whether this company will support your goals – or whether you should look elsewhere.

Build a “Team You.”

School was full of sports and group projects; leisure time is spent on social media. More than previous generations, millennials rely on one another to succeed. Build “Team You” by working with a recruiter who can help put your best qualities front and center so you can land a job with a company that supports your goals.

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