3 Ways to Avoid Losing Job Candidates

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Avoid Losing Potential Candidates

“I changed my mind.” -Potential Hire

Picture this: Your top candidate accepts the job offer, asks how they can prepare for onboarding and announces their excitement about the start date – only to call you two days later.  “I changed my mind,” your candidate says.  “I won’t be starting next week after all.”

Sound nightmarish?  It is – and it’s more common than you’d think.  Here’s how to reduce your chances of losing a great candidate between their acceptance and their start date:

Make sure your offer is competitive.

You don’t have to offer the highest salary around in order to find and keep good candidates. But you do have to offer a total compensation package that is competitive. Talk to your staffing partner about the current compensation trends in your location and industry. Find out what your competitors are likely to offer, and see if you can match or improve on their offerings.

And don’t hesitate to “tweak” a compensation package to attract and keep particular types of top candidates – a flex time or telecommute option, for instance, can create a work-life balance that attracts fine minds.

Stay in touch before the start date.

For a candidate, the job search is a full-time job on its own. Once the candidate has said, “I accept!”, that job ends – and candidates who are particularly driven or goal-focused, like most top performers are, can feel a little lost or abandoned in the interim.  Prevent this “let down” period by contacting the new hire once or twice a week between the acceptance date and the start date. You can call to check on the progress of paperwork, offer advice, answer questions or simply to let them know you’re still enthusiastic about their choice to join the team.

Communicate with your staffing partner throughout the process.

From your first attempts to find the right person for the job through onboarding, staying in touch with your staffing partner can help you find better talent, streamline the screening process, improve your interview skills and make a competitive offer that ensures you can keep talent whose approach to work meshes with your company’s culture.

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