Job Interview? Three Ways to Convey Enthusiasm and Passion

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Job Interviews

If you’ve been invited to a job interview, chances are good that you have the skills, education, and experience needed to do well in the position.  The other candidates can probably boast skill sets and experience similar to your own.

It’s important to illustrate your accomplishments in the interview, and how your skills helped you reach those goals.  But the candidate who conveys genuine enthusiasm and passion for the job will jump to the top of any interviewer’s list.  Here are three ways to become that candidate:

Get Excited

The easiest way to demonstrate real enthusiasm and passion is to feel it.  Well before your interview, take the time to learn everything you can about the company and the open position.  Ask your recruiter for information on the company for a unique perspective on the organization, its position in the industry, and the people who run it.

Use the information you learn to identify the things that really excite you about working for this organization.  Have you always wanted to be part of a company that is gaining market share by leaps and bounds?  Does the organization stress innovation at a time when you have several new ideas to try?  Is it a “tried-and-true” company that gives you the solid foundation you need to do your best work?  Find what you love about the job, and be ready to share it in the interview.

Stay Positive

We all have moments in our career histories we’re not proud of: failed projects, firings, bad bosses, or the employer we left after two weeks because the fit was awful.  No matter what skeletons lurk in your career closet, choose to stay positive – while still staying honest.

When interviewers ask questions like “What is your greatest weakness?” or “Tell me about a time you failed,” they want to know how you overcome setbacks and disappointment.  Use questions like these to demonstrate that enthusiasm, passion, and optimism are your tools of choice by focusing on the opportunities a setback opened up for you.

Volunteer Your Enthusiasm

Questions like “Why do you want to work here?” or “Tell us about yourself” are natural openings for a discussion of how enthusiastic you are about this new opportunity or how passionate you are about the work you do.  But if the interviewer doesn’t lead with these options, don’t feel stuck.  Instead, put your excitement “out there”: “First, I just want to say how enthusiastic I am about this job opening.  It’s exactly the kind of opportunity I’m looking for.  Now, to answer your question….”

Don’t forget to wrap up the interview by mentioning your genuine interest in the job as well.  A great response to “Is there anything else you want us to know?” is “Now that I’ve learned a little more about the job, I’m even more excited at the chance to work here.”

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