3 Secrets to Attracting Passive High-Level Job Candidates

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Want the best talent currently available – and a competitive edge in your industry? You need to be recruiting passive candidates.

Despite the name, passive candidates aren’t actually do-nothings. On the contrary: They’re usually so busy producing high-level results in their current positions that they aren’t actively reading job boards, checking postings, or asking their network connections for a job. They’re reasonably happy where they are – but they’ll trade “reasonably” happy for “exceptionally” happy if another employer makes the offer.

When you recruit passive high-level candidates, you get people who are already established in their field, who are known to the industry’s other “top players,” and who accept your offer because they know they’ll be a great “fit” with your company, which maximizes their productivity and the likelihood that they’ll stay long term.

The best ways to attract top passive candidates involve finding specific people, reviewing their work, and positioning you as an ideal employer. Here’s how:

  1. Scour your current in-house resources. Most companies already have the resources they need to pull out the list of the best passive candidates. They just don’t know it. Tap into sources like:
  • Employee referrals. Who do your top performers know? Since A-level talent tends to stick together, chances are good that your best people know other “best people” who also “fit” well culturally with your team.
  • Which A-level employees have left your firm, and would they be interested in returning?
  • Award winners and speakers at top events. The next time you’re at a conference, take a moment to congratulate these individuals and trade business cards. You’ve just seen your industry recognize them for outstanding work!
  1. Seek top candidates through their work. Top candidates love to share their work online. When you find really great work, take the time to learn who created it. Start looking in places like:
  • Online technical contests. Top candidates love to solve puzzles and share ideas, whether or not they’re actively looking for work. Contest entries can be a great way to identify top talent.
  • Instructional videos and slides. Check out YouTube and SlideShare for sources. You may learn valuable information about your field as well as identifying the high-level candidate who created it.
  • Google specific topics – or patents. Google allows you to search for specific topics, which may turn up people who work on the cutting edge in that area. Google Scholar allows you to search the entire U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) patent database for free.
  1. Work with a recruiter. Staffing firms thrive on relationships. Your recruiter can help you connect with passive candidates within your industry, and with a keen understanding of your company’s culture and needs, your recruiter can also help ensure that the top candidates they recommend are people who will offer a great “fit” with your team as well as the skills and drive you require.

At Burnett’s Staffing, we leverage our extensive professional relationships to help our clients uncover and recruit the best candidates available. Contact us today to learn more!

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