4 Secrets to Crafting an Effective Career Path

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What’s the right career path for you?

Often, answering this question doesn’t just mean identifying one of many possible paths – it also means shaping that path to fit your values, goals, and needs. When you take a proactive approach to crafting your career path, instead of merely accepting a predetermined role, you gain the ability to build a more rewarding career while staying alert to potential risks, shifts, and opportunities within your field.

Here are four secrets to creating the career path that works for you:

Start by understanding yourself.

You may think you have a clear idea of what you want from your career – but until you understand yourself, you won’t be able to tell if the career path you’re envisioning will truly help you thrive. When your personality, attitudes, values, and learning style “mesh” with your career and your employer’s culture, you are more productive, more motivated, and happier to go to work each day.

Begin by listing your personal strengths, your proudest achievements, and the situations in which you really enjoy participating. What do they have in common?

Know your options.

What job opportunities exist? Hit the Internet for information on career paths you’re considering, as well as opportunities that use the same skills you’ve already worked hard to acquire. Talk to individuals who work in the field to learn more about the day-to-day demands of the work, as well as the rewards involved. Job shadowing and hands-on experience in volunteer settings can help you get a “feel” for a job, while taking a temp position can let you try on a career path while getting paid to do it! Your recruiter can help you explore job options.

Put your decisions in perspective.

Although you may spend eight or more hours a day on the job, your career is probably only one aspect of your life. First, clarify your long-term career goals; then do the same for your personal life goals. Also, think about goals involving items like community service, hobbies, or learning opportunities. Once you know what you want most, you can start to put the pieces together in a productive way. Don’t forget to talk to your staffing partner for advice!

Use your network.

Once you know what’s available and what will work well for you and your goals, you’re ready to start asking specific questions. Reconnect with members of your current professional and personal networks to discuss what you’re looking for, ask for advice from those who are already on a similar career path, and connect with a staffing firm that can help you expand your network and find the job you want.

At Burnett’s Staffing, our recruiters can help you create and clarify your career path – and take the next step into a new job. Contact us today to learn more.

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