Pros and Cons of Working with a National Staffing Firm

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Are your recruiting efforts yielding weak results? Do you always feel like the candidate “pond” you’re fishing is just too small? When a competitor hires a top candidate, do you wish you knew where they’re getting their talent?

If any of these questions sound familiar, the urge to work with a national staffing firm might be calling you as well. Recruiters with a nationwide reach promise access to more candidates, in more fields, for companies located in more places. But do these promises pan out? Here’s a look at the top reasons you might consider a national firm – and how they pan out.

A broader reach = more candidates, right?

Firms that staff nationwide certainly do seek candidates nationwide, and a bigger candidate pool can look more promising for a Dallas-Fort Worth company. After all, a bigger candidate pool means more candidates, which must mean a better hire…right?

Unfortunately, as everyone who enjoys a day at the lake knows, a bigger pond doesn’t always mean better fish. A larger candidate pool takes more time for a company to sift through. When the “pond” includes candidates from across the country, you may do the work to choose your top candidates, only to discover they’ve chosen to take an offer closer to their own homes.

Local staffing firms focus on the quality of the fish, not the size of the pond. They know the established leaders and “rising stars” in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, including those who are already employed but will take an offer from the right company. When you work closer to home, you get candidates who are already established in the community and building their own professional networks right here.

Big firms recruit the best staffing partners…don’t they?

Just like a big-firm reach seems to encompass the best job candidates, it also seems to encompass the best staffing partners. After all, don’t all large companies draw in the best talent…leaving smaller firms with “the rest”?

While this model might work in Silicon Valley, it doesn’t work for staffing. Recruiters are “the best” when they have the deep knowledge, extensive networks, and one-on-one communication with each client that fosters an understanding of your business needs. It’s not easy to build this relationship with a staffing partner in an office hundreds of miles away – but it is much easier to drop in on your local firm for a chat.

More resources mean more knowledge, surely?

The era of Big Data has demonstrated to businesses throughout the country that “more information” isn’t the same thing as “better information.” Nationwide recruiting firms can build a better overall picture of the country’s workforce, but their knowledge of specific locations is often limited. Even major metropolitan areas like Dallas-Fort Worth become just another statistic in the list.

Companies that focus in one metropolitan area, however, trade breadth of knowledge for depth. Your local recruiter may not be able to immediately compare Dallas’s annual growth to that of Los Angeles or Chicago, but your recruiter can tell you what the most likely trends are in your own backyard, which candidates are available, and how to stand out from other local companies to attract better talent more quickly.

At Burnett’s Staffing, our recruiters focus on staffing within the Dallas-Fort Worth area, giving you access to the best local talent for your company’s culture and your business needs. Contact us today to learn more.


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