4 Things Employers Look for When Hiring Payroll Specialists

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4 Things Employers Look for When Hiring Payroll Specialists

4 Things Employers Look for When Hiring Payroll Specialists

Hiring new employees is integral to a company’s success, and as a candidate, you need to know which assets to show off. After all, this is a competitive world. While you’re just one of many applying for the job, you can prove you’re the top choice. You’ll need certifications, great communication skills, and more attributes. Read this guide to learn more about what employers look for when hiring a payroll specialist.


Quality should always be a priority when finding the perfect applicant for the job. A payroll specialist’s number of certifications reveals a bit about how much they know about the industry.

For example, an applicant with a Fundamental Payroll Certification (FPC) would likely fit an entry-level role. However, a Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) is generally ideal for a higher-level job; this is especially the case if the position requires working with sensitive information like employee taxes and benefits.

Attention to Detail

Working with numbers requires close attention to detail; a misplaced decimal could mean the difference between $100 and $1,000. Carefully read the job description and any possible exams you may be required to take.

Jot down the things you notice. The smallest detail makes a difference and shows potential employers that you pay attention. Note the company values and discuss why you also find these values important during the interview to prove you researched the company and focused on what was important.

Industry Experience

Employers will carefully examine your resume and ask about your experience. Where did you work before this position? What did you do at your previous job? If you recently graduated from college, talk about any internship or business-based organizations you took part in. Every bit of experience helps prove you’re the top choice for the job.

Communication Skills

Communication skills are important to an employee’s ability to perform and work with potential customers. Don’t just say you have excellent interpersonal skills—prove this by showing past employment, volunteer experience, or extracurricular activities from college.

Sometimes, dealing with customers isn’t easy— people can get frustrated and take that out on workers. Employees should never lash out at a client. During the interview, talk about a challenging experience you had to deal with and what you did to resolve it while keeping things professional. Employers want individuals who show compassion to customers even when it feels impossible.

Get Placement Help

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Understanding the top things employers look for when hiring a payroll specialist is vital to the interviewing process. You’ll have to compete with dozens of other candidates for a single position, but you’ll shine by proving you have great interpersonal skills, experience, certifications, and pay attention to detail. With help from job placement professionals, you can find your perfect career as a payroll specialist in no time.