Education vs. Experience: What Do Employers Want More?

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Education vs. Experience: What Do Employers Want More?

Education vs. Experience: What Do Employers Want More?

When you begin applying for jobs, many questions may come to mind. What skills should go on your resume? What will draw the employer’s attention? You may also wonder whether the employer cares more about education or experience. Below, we’ve explained why both matter and which one should take priority on your resume.

Why Education Matters

Often, a higher education puts you ahead of other candidates also applying for the job. This is because a higher education reflects that you already have some of the skills needed for the position. Likewise, you have at least a basic understanding of the field and how to begin working. Employers will have an easier time training you because they’re not starting from the ground up. Instead, they are molding you to fit their company.

Education is also key for entry-level positions. When you first graduate college, having experience in the industry isn’t always possible unless you did internships. In university, you learn various soft and industry-specific skills that put you above individuals without experience or higher education.

Why Experience Matters

Experience is also highly valuable and, in some cases, more important than education. For example, employers will want someone with more experience for a higher-level job, like a manager. Why? Because when you manage a team, you need to have solutions to workers’ problems. This means a thorough understanding of their job as well as your own.

After all, there’s a big difference between learning about an industry and proving you can do the work. You may have a degree, but listing experience on your resume really proves you have the needed talent for the position.

Which Has More Value?

So, what do employers want more: education or experience? Ultimately, the answer depends on your situation. For example, let’s say you graduated college with an accounting degree. As you apply for general accounting jobs, you’re more likely to land an interview than someone with no degree or background in the industry.

However, with the little experience you have, you probably wouldn’t be a successful candidate for a controller position. When it comes to those higher-level positions, experience is key. If you’ve worked in the industry for years, you’ll look like a better fit for that controller position than someone who just graduated with a master’s degree.

Work with an Employment Agency

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