4 Tips to Help You Recover From a Bad Job Interview

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Every job interview can feel stressful. But when you haven’t done your best, you know it the moment you walk out the door. Instead of dwelling on what’s past, here’s how to recover from a lackluster job interview and prepare to give your best presentation yet at the next one:

  1. Take notes. As soon as possible after the interview – for instance, in your car or on the bus – write down how you are feeling and what you think went wrong. Writing it down does two things: It lets you express your feelings in a healthy way, and it gives you notes to refer to in the future for specific guidance on where to focus your preparation next time.
  2. Talk to someone you trust. Find someone whose perspective on interviewing you trust: a family member, a colleague, or your recruiter. Talk to them about what you think went wrong in the interview, and ask for feedback. Seeking another person’s perspective can help you gain insight you may not have considered yourself.
  3. Focus on what went well. Not every job interview is an unmitigated disaster, just as not every interview is an unmitigated success. Did you give an answer of which you were particularly proud? Did you ask a thoughtful question that got the interviewer talking at length about the industry, the company, or the field? Did you have a great story to tell that exactly matched the qualities the company seemed to be looking for? Replay these scenes in your mind, thinking about the approach you took and how you felt as the scene played out. Use these as the foundation for future interview preparation – chances are, you felt good because you were playing solidly to your own strengths.
  4. Contact your interviewer. No matter how well or poorly an interview went, never forget to send a thank-you note to your interviewer. If you want feedback on how to interview better in the future, follow up with a call or email a week later to ask.

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