5 Interview Tips to Help Discover Management Potential

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Not every candidate you interview will be expected to tackle management-level tasks on day one. To choose candidates who will develop into great managers, however, use the interview stage to examine both the candidate’s current skills and their management potential.

Here are five ways to spot leadership and management potential in the interview stage:

  1. Is the candidate prouder of teamwork or individual success? “What is one of your most significant accomplishments?” This question can help you determine what the candidate values in their work and what successes they’ve achieved in the past. To screen for leadership potential, look for candidates who are proudest of having helped a team achieve a goal, rather than having achieved an individual goal. Great managers not only know how to leverage team skills but are proud of having done it well.
  2. Has the candidate volunteered or asked to lead team projects? Whether at work or with a local charity, candidates who volunteer or ask if they can take a leadership role in a team project demonstrate a willingness to lead – and an organization that assigns them to this role gives its vote of confidence in their managerial skills.
  3. Does the candidate “coach” peers? Asking about coaching a co-worker or peer can help you find candidates who not only take on this role but who are actively aware they do it. If the candidate’s list of coached peers is endless and they can reflect on the development of their own coaching abilities, make a note: They’re management material.
  4. What is the candidate’s personal development plan? A candidate who can create their own development plan is likely to be able to spot potential and opportunities in others as well. “Where do you see yourself in five years?” is a classic question to explore the candidate’s planning.
  5. Where has the candidate led projects or people before? Look outside the candidate’s job history to hobbies, volunteer projects, or education. Leadership in any of these areas indicates a candidate who is willing and able to manage people, time, and resources – and who is passionate enough about leadership to take the initiative in learning to manage well.

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