5 Management Tactics That Will Help Your Business Grow

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Burnett's Staffing Management Tactics

A business thrives on the work its employees do. When employees are managed well, business growth isn’t just a goal – it’s a daily reality.

To help your business grow, look for existing staff and new hires who offer management and leadership potential. Give your current staff the support they need, and train managers to lead according to the company’s overall goals and company culture. Here are five management tactics that will help any business approach its growth potential:

  1. Talk to your employees every day. Whether managers talk to employees face to face or call them from the road, a consistent daily chat ensures that employees have a point of contact, that they can ask questions, and that they expect to be asked what they’ve accomplished that day. Allow managers to decide how best to “touch base” every day, but encourage them to do so.
  2. Lead by example. Encouraging employees to be more productive means demonstrating what productive, proactive behavior looks like. Managers who make a note and follow up whenever an employee asks for support demonstrate by example what it means to get things done. They also give employees the support they need for productive success.
  3. Reward good work. Rewards for projects completed, productive results achieved, or ideas that go “above and beyond” don’t have to cost money. A simple “well done!” or “thank you!” can go a long way, especially when it’s made public.
  4. Give regular, constructive feedback. Any manager who gave nothing but praise would probably love their job – but that manager would also be obsolete. When it’s time to provide guidance or explain how an employee has gotten a task wrong, focus on providing constructive, concrete feedback that clarifies exactly where the problem is, how to fix it, and how the employee can avoid making the same mistake twice.
  5. Share the “big picture” with employees. It’s the job of staff to make sure day-to-day tasks are handled efficiently. It’s the job of management to ensure that these tasks are completed and that they fit into the company’s overall goals, plans, and progress. To help employees see how their work matters and inspire them to do it more effectively, make sure they see the “big picture” as well.

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