Want a Guide for Avoiding Resume Mistakes? Read This!

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When you’re looking for a job, your resume can be your number-one ally – or your number-one enemy. Even simple mistakes like typos can push your resume to the bottom of the pile. A more serious error, like a mistake in describing your education or the years you worked at a particular job, can make you seem unreliable or even dishonest, costing you the job and damaging your reputation as well.

To avoid resume mistakes and present a document that shows you in your best possible light, try the following ideas:

  1. Skip “one size fits all.” A job posting that contains a description of the duties required is a gold mine for resume success – if you know how to use it. Resist the urge to send the same resume to every employer. Instead, edit your resume to demonstrate how you are the best possible fit with both the job description posted and the organization as a whole. The few minutes of extra work may pay off in increased offers for interviews – the necessary next step to a job offer.
  2. Think “accomplishments,” not “duties.” Hiring managers read resumes with one thought on their minds: “What’s in it for us?” When you mention specific accomplishments tied directly to the duties listed in the job description, you paint a vivid picture of your abilities and overall worth. Instead of listing basic job duties, like “worked with employees in an IT setting,” frame your work in terms of accomplishments and specifics: “recruited, hired, trained, and supervised more than 20 employees in an IT department.”
  3. Be specific in your objective. Many hiring managers are interested in your stated objective, but they have little patience for vague statements like “seeking a challenging position that offers professional growth.” Instead, use the precious space for your objective to demonstrate that you have specific career goals and that your plans are aligned with the company’s culture. For example, if you’re applying for a marketing position in a company that values teamwork above all else, you might state that you’re seeking “a challenging entry-level marketing position that allows me to contribute my skills and experience to a team focused on collaborative effort and exceeding expectations.”

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