5 Tips To Help You Ace Your Temp Agency Interview

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Employee turnover results in $11 billion losses every year. While that’s not such good news for businesses, it does provide job seekers with an opportunity to land permanent and temp jobs — providing you know how to impress your staffing agency during the interview process. Interviews can be extremely intimidating, and the truth is that many candidates simply aren’t their best selves when they’re put in these high-stakes situations. But if you follow these five tips, you’ll be in a much better position to ace the interview and land the job.

  1. Come Prepared
    Do not walk into a job interview without a good working knowledge of the company (including their challenges and strengths). This will require a bit of research, but it will be time well-spent. Be ready to ask questions about the company or to point out something you find fascinating about their business. You should also arrive (a little bit early!) with your resume, writing utensil, and notebook in hand.
  2. Dress Professionally
    The adage is true: you should dress for the job you want. While that job may vary somewhat with temporary placement, you should still let your staffing agency know that you’ll be a great representative for them. In general, it’s usually better to be overdressed than under-dressed, and you opt for business casual at the minimum. That means no jeans, no sneakers, and no wrinkled garments. Keep jewelry and cologne to a minimum. Simple is better than outlandish, but it also won’t hurt to show off your personality in subtle ways.
  3. Treat All Jobs Equally
    By this, we mean that you should give all positions equal respect. Whether it’s a two-week job or a six-month placement that could potentially turn into something permanent, you should always show your professionalism and positive attitude. Your work ethic should not change depending on the length of position or the type of work you might be doing. Agencies look for candidates who are enthusiastic and a good fit for their roster of clients. If you don’t show the same level of interest for one job as you do another, your goals might not be in line with those of your temp agency.
  4. Know Your Availability
    Neither your temp agency nor their clients want to waste time. You should come in knowing exactly when you are and are not available with a calendar or a list of your obligations. Those responsibilities might be educational, professional, or leisure activities. No matter what category they fall into, you’ll need to be upfront about your time commitments. If you walk in the door unsure about your availability, a staffing company will likely pass you over for someone who knows their schedule with certainty.
  5. Explain Your Goals
    You should not be evasive about your career goals just because you think that’ll make you more appealing in an interview. Sometimes, being upfront about your ambitions can actually help an agency place you! Those who are ideally seeking a temporary-to-permanent position should be forthcoming about this desire. And if you’re going back to school for an additional degree or certification, this information will be extremely helpful to your recruiter. It may cut down on your availability a bit for the time being, but it also shows your motivation and intelligence.  Ultimately, you don’t want to be placed in a situation that isn’t right for you. By being honest, the agency will be more likely to work with you and will be better to make smart choices in regards to your placement.

Have an upcoming interview with a temp agency? These tips can help you impress recruiters and show how serious you are about a given position. If you’re seeking temporary or permanent placement but aren’t quite sure where to start, our recruiters are here to help. Contact us today to get started!


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