Why We Support Breast Cancer Awareness

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Meet Debbie, our Accounting Manager who has loyally been with Burnett’s Staffing since 2006.


In 1988, Debbie noticed an abnormal lump on her left breast. She went to her doctor who then performed a biopsy by cutting directly into her chest moments later. It was confirmed; the lump was indeed cancerous, breast cancer. That same night, Debbie underwent the first of many rounds of chemotherapy. In October, just two months later, Debbie had a mastectomy. And every day after, for twelve weeks straight, she went through intense radiation treatment.

She was only 33 years old.

11 years later, Debbie re-visited her doctor for a routine checkup. Unaware of any complications, a mammogram exposed a second cancerous tumor, this time in her right breast. Her fight with breast cancer had abruptly returned. And Debbie endured yet another mastectomy followed by more intensive treatments which ultimately helped save her life.

Today, she is cancer-free.

Debbie is a reflection of courage and hope for this awful disease. We are fortunate enough to have her as a part of our corporate team. Her laughter, vivacious personality and general outlook on life are impossible to ignore. You can find her running our accounting department, sipping on Dr. Pepper while flipping through her Rolodex.

This October, we support breast cancer awareness and celebrate one of Debbie’s biggest victories- defeating breast cancer not once, but twice.


Have questions regarding breast cancer?
Visit nationalbreastcancer.org



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