6 Glaring Signs It’s Time For a New Job

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recruiting agenciesAre you struggling with aspects of your current job, but struggling even more with whether it’s a good idea to leave? Here are the six huge warning signs that you should pay the most attention to.

Opportunities for Growth are Slim

Do you still feel like you’re at the bottom of the totem pole when you’ve been aiming higher? Does your company have little room for the job advancement that you crave, or do they tend to avoid promoting internally? If you’re putting in the work and it feels like it will never take you higher on the ladder than your current position… well, it might be time to find a new ladder.

It Isn’t a Good Fit Socially

Some workplaces just become toxic and uninviting. If you were hoping for a friendlier scene with less gossip or animosity, coldness from coworkers is disappointing and can even be stressful. Maybe your office or company culture creates a revolving door of employees. If you catch coworkers secretly browsing recruiting agencies or brushing up their resume during their break, it becomes hard to take pride in your company. If you are a newer employee to the company, take this ‘revolving door’ syndrome as a red flag. When companies have high employee turnover and constantly need staffing help, there’s a reason.

You Feel Underappreciated

Do you pride yourself on working your tail off, but yet feel totally unrecognized for the effort you put into your company on a daily basis? Did your last huge project or ground-breaking idea go ignored? It doesn’t even have to be the big things. Maybe you’re nitpicked over hours or clothing choices. Companies who don’t prioritize employee recognition are seeing a drop in workplace happiness and an issue with employee retention. A recent study cited that 86% of companies with recognition programs showed an increase in worker happiness. Companies are understanding the importance of cultivating loyalty and appreciation between employees and the overarching company and management. If your workplace isn’t getting on board, maybe it’s time to jump ship for friendlier seas.

You Feel Unfullfilled

Opportunities for employment should be just that — opportunities. Even if your current work isn’t the most fulfilling dream job possible, fulfillment and satisfaction is possible. But if your employer doesn’t provide some sort of opportunities for professional and/or personal growth through your job, you can feel bored and unfulfilled very quickly. If your company leaves you bored, unfulfilled, and unsatisfied, why are you still there?

You Find Yourself Browsing Recruiting Agencies and Job Sites

You don’t need to be actively looking for a new job. If job postings and emails from recruiting agencies catch your eye more often than you’d like to admit, maybe an alternative job placement should be on your priorities list.

It Just Feels Like the Right Time

Of course you want to use your brain to make a big decision like a job change, but listen to your gut as well. Does it just feel like the right choice right now? Are you having that ‘I’m ready’ moment? Or even a “I’m so sick of this place I need to leave now” moment? No shame in that. Sleep on it. Send a few resumes out, just in case. Listen to your gut and make a transitioning plan. If it just feels like the right time, it probably is.

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