Accepted a New Job? How to (Professionally) Exit Your Current Position

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So you’ve been unhappy in your current job for some time, and you finally decided to do something about it. You hunted for career opportunities, you applied, you interviewed, and now you’ve accepted a new job. You’re excited and looking forward to your new opportunity, but you can’t move on without making a professional exit from your current position. Here’s how to do it:

Give notice.
Tell your boss your intent to leave (at least two weeks in advance), both verbally and in writing. If your position is difficult to fill, consider giving more. Don’t forget to tell your coworkers, too, particularly ones who have mentored you or supported you through tough times. Not only is it polite to let them know, but it’s also keeps your professional network in working order.

Be thankful.
Make sure your boss and your coworkers know how much you’ve appreciated them contributing to your professional growth while you’ve been with the company. Consider sending a thank you note, or writing a LinkedIn recommendation for the more tech-savvy people.

Help fill your shoes.
If you can, suggest someone who is qualified to take over your position. Finding a replacement can be stressful, and this can be a huge help. If you don’t know of anyone, make sure to offer to train the person the company hires to take your place, if possible.

Don’t burn the bridge when you leave.
It can be exciting to cross over to a new opportunity, particularly if you weren’t happy with your old job or you felt like you weren’t treated fairly or that your work wasn’t appreciate. But you still need to act professionally. You never know when you’ll cross paths with someone from your past job. Be polite.

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