Five Ways Temporary Staffing Provides a Solution to Your Talent Shortage

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Staffing firms are specialists.

Staffing firms work in specific industries like health care, construction, human resources, information technology, or nursing. Their knowledge of a particular field means that they know the skills that you’re looking for. They’re also familiar with employment trends and the most effective ways to recruit candidates.

There is probably a qualified candidate ready to work.

Let’s say one of your employees goes on maternity leave or needs to take short-term disability leave. Chances are that however much time you have to find a replacement, it won’t feel like enough. Temporary staffing firms are always recruiting candidates, which means that they have them available as soon as you need them.

Staffing firms save you money.

Recruiting and hiring is expensive. A staffing agency takes on many of the responsibilities of hiring and managing employees, including pre-employment screening, and payroll and benefits once the candidate starts working for you. This saves you money, which you can put to use elsewhere in your business.

Your new employee comes with a guarantee.

A staffing agency wants you to be completely happy with your placement. If you aren’t, it’s easy to get another candidate to replace the one that isn’t a perfect fit. Using temporary workers gives you a great deal of flexibility.

Temporary workers can be hired full time.

Whether you want to try someone out before making a commitment, or you hire someone for a project and decide that your company can’t live without them, when you hire a temporary worker, you always have the option to extend an offer of permanent employment to them.

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