Questions to Ask Yourself Before Taking on a Management Position

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Once upon a time, management was the only way out of a job in which you’d mastered all the key duties and were starting to get bored with the routine.  Today, however, management positions are only one of several options.  A lateral move into a different department, or focusing on honing your skills in an indispensable key area, can also provide career challenges and growth without requiring you to take on the responsibilities of leadership.

Since you have options, it’s worthwhile to ask whether management is the right step for you.  Here are three questions to ask yourself if you’re wondering, “Do I want to become a manager?”

  1. Do I thrive in uncertain environments? On the front lines, you’re told what to do, but you get the security of knowing that you have a set of finite tasks to accomplish each day. As you climb the ranks of management, there are fewer and fewer set “to-do” lists, but there is an increasing amount of uncertainty.  Managers frequently have to make the best decisions they can with incomplete information, inadequate time, and the pressure to defend those choices if things go badly.  If you love the challenge of creating a path where there is none, however, you may enjoy management.
  2. Do I “play politics” well? In your current job, earning praise and promotions may be as simple as carrying out your defined daily tasks better than anyone else. In management, “doing your work well” is taken as your default responsibility.  To climb the ladder and gain the resources your team needs, you’ll also need to be good at creating alliances, smoothing over personality conflicts, and making people feel good about themselves.  If you enjoy the political game, management might be the right place for you.
  3. Do you enjoy teaching or managing others? Management demands that you teach, lead, and inspire, in addition to getting your own work done. If you’re inspired by inspiring others, management might be the right place for you.

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