The Non-Techie Guide to Hiring Technical Talent

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It’s a tough challenge: To move to the next level, your company needs an in-house IT specialist or other tech professionals.  You’re in charge of finding the right person, but you lack a tech background yourself.

How do you hire qualified technical talent without the professional network or on-the-job experience to connect with and evaluate these essential personnel?  Here’s a quick guide to finding the tech talent you need – no matter where you gained your own expertise:

Put what you need in plain language.

The IT world speaks its own language, and it’s more than just a handful of buzzwords.  Finding the right person can seem impossible when you’re not sure which words on a job description (or resume) are relevant.

Solve the problem by skipping the jargon.  Instead, put your needs and the key duties of the person taking on this role into plain language.  Do you need them to keep the server running?  Make sure your information is secure so that it can’t be stolen by hackers?  Answer customer questions?  When you’re clear on what you need, it’s much easier to find the person you want.

Hop online.

Most tech professionals maintain an online presence where they showcase their work and make themselves available to companies and recruiters.  LinkedIn, CV databases like, and social media as a place to increase awareness of the open position and your company are all great places to look.  Don’t neglect conventional job postings on sites like ITJobBoard or the chance to give a presentation highlighting your company’s brand and culture on sites like Slideshare.

Talk to your recruiter.

Staffing firms that specialize in placing IT professionals can help you bridge the gap in understanding and professional connections.  We’ll turn your job description into a posting that “speaks tech,” and we’ll reach out to our own extensive network of candidates to find someone who will mesh well with your current team, bring the technical skills you need, and offer the communication abilities to help you understand and contribute meaningfully to their work.

At Burnett’s Staffing, our recruiters can help you find the technical talent you need.  Contact us today to learn more about our technical staffing services in Arlington, Irving, and the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area.


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