6 Essential Skills You Need as an IT Professional

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skills your need as an IT professional

What does it take to thrive as an IT professional?

A love of the work and a good team are only the beginning.  Here are six essential skills you need in order to succeed in the IT field:

Technical Skills

Let’s face it: No one gets far in the IT field without the practical skills to back up their talk.  The skills you need will depend on the area of IT in which you specialize: programming, operating systems, security, networking or IT architecture, to name a few.  Diversifying your skills can be a powerful way to stand out among other job candidates – and rediscover your passion for your work.

Hands-On Experience

Reading will take you only so far in the IT field.  To demonstrate you have the technical expertise required to do well on the job, you’ll also need to “dive in” and complete hands-on projects.  Be willing to tackle whatever opportunities come your way to show you’re ready to handle anything.

A Passion for Learning

Few fields move or change as quickly as information technology.  The best IT pros never stop learning; they’re always taking a new certification class, learning a new programming language, or reading technology newsletters and blogs to stay on top of the latest changes.

Project Management

Everyone on your team can program, troubleshoot or twiddle bits.  But does everyone have a clear view of the “big picture” and the ability to communicate, organize information and delegate?  Sharpen these skills, and you’ll be a stronger candidate for a job or promotion – as well as a better mentor for others.

Organizational Knowledge

Sure you can solve the problems, but do you know who you’re solving them for, why they matter and how to prevent similar problems one department over? When you understand the company and what it does, you can get ahead of some of the toughest challenges and pinpoint more efficient and effective solutions for others.


Many companies have IT staff with the technical skill they need to succeed – but they’re hurting for IT staff members who can translate what they do into “plain speak” for non-technically minded types.  Hone your speaking and writing skills in order to help other departments understand what you do, and you’ll set yourself apart from the rest of the field.

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