Changing Careers? You’ll Want To Avoid Making These Mistakes

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Although many of us start out thinking our career path will be what guides our entire life’s purpose, the truth is that you may eventually come to the realization that your occupational focus no longer serves your needs. Whether it’s early on in your professional career or after 20-plus years of experience, you might determine that a major change is necessary for you to truly feel fulfilled, challenged, and happy. This is a fairly common situation, but it’s important that you avoid making certain mistakes when switching careers. We’ve outlined some of the most important below.

MISTAKE: Not taking your time

Before taking the plunge into unchartered waters, you should take your time to really determine why you want to leave your current job and what you might want to do instead. Ask yourself what’s making you unhappy about the position you have and answer honestly. Are you experiencing a period of stress that will soon be over, or has your job always been that way? Do you have a real dislike for the field you’re in, or is it just the company or current management you don’t like? Could you just be having a bad couple of weeks? It’s not really possible to be satisfied with your job all of the time, so if this feeling is new or particularly extreme, you’ll want to dig deep to find the reasons behind it and make sure your motivation is one that drives you in a positive direction. Making a rash decision to quit your job for the unknown may produce feelings of regret later on.

MISTAKE: Not doing your research

Changing careers can be quite scary, even for those who are extremely prepared. But preparation is key when you shift gears in this way. This time can be a great opportunity to pursue something you’ve always wanted to do, but it’s important not to go in blindly. If you already have an idea of the field you’re interested in, you’ll want to find out more about the kinds of positions in that industry, the skills they require, and what kind of job growth is projected for them. Devote a good portion of your time to researching the industries and positions that interest you and are a good match for what you can offer. Whether you’re totally stuck or have some idea of what you’d like to pursue, a recruiting agency can help you focus on a direction and ensure you’re prepared to dive in.

MISTAKE: Basing a decision on salary alone

If you have both the hard and soft skills to choose from a plethora of employment opportunities in your area, you might be tempted to make a decision based on the income you could bring in. For some people, making more money may be a career goal — and of course, it’s smart to make your finances a priority. But earning potential shouldn’t be the only factor you consider when deciding to change careers. After all, a job might pay a healthy salary but might not be a good fit for your skill set or interests. Since 57% of organizations already view employee retention as a problem, employers want to see your passion for the job and how your skills can be a true asset to the company. If you choose a new career based on earning alone, you may end up wanting another career change sooner than you’d like.

MISTAKE: Not working with job placement agencies

Books and the internet can be terrific resources when making a career change, but there’s really no substitute for the valuable assistance job placement agencies can provide. Job placement agencies can provide you with advice and insight on skills and in-demand careers, help you with your job interview and resume, and give you an “in” with area employers and networking opportunities. Having someone on your side during this period is extremely important, and job placement agencies can provide the guidance necessary.

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