Talent Scouting: How to Spot a Talented Candidate

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When you partner with a recruiting firm, you work with them to hone in on what type of candidate would be the best fit for your position. You hash out what qualifications and skills are essential, as well as identify what type of candidate would fit in with your company’s culture. Your recruiting team uses this information to find and vet the best candidates for the position; eventually paring down the candidate pool to only a few top candidates. Then comes the hard part – deciding which of these candidates to hire.

Since the recruiter has vetted the candidates and they meet the qualifications that you identified early in the recruiting process, it can be a difficult identify which of these good candidates is the very best. However, evaluating a candidate’s resume and interview prowess, you will be able to distinguish good talent from great talent.

Before you step into an interview, thoroughly review the candidate’s resume to help identify strengths or weaknesses they might have, as well as to help you plan questions to probe further into their skills or experience. Here are several things to keep in mind when re-evaluating a top candidate’s resume:

  • Attention to detail – Is the resume free of grammatical and spelling errors? Is it well formatted and easy to read? A well-formatted and error-free resume can signify a candidate who has keen attention to detail (that might carry over into your position).
  • Employment gaps – Does the candidate have a history of dedicated employment? Or do they skip from position to position? If there are any gaps in employment history, or their employment history causes concern, be sure to explore it in the interview.
  • Tailored to the position – Is the resume adapted to fit the position? Does it include relevant industry terminology or keywords? A candidate that is truly interested in the position will take the time to revise their more generic resume to fit the position they are applying to.

When you have familiarized yourself with the candidate’s resume, be sure to jot down any questions that you might have after reviewing it. Your recruiter may be able to address some concerns you have about a candidate, but ultimately you should use the interview to fully explore any concerns. In the interview, pay close attention to not only the candidate’s answers, but also how interested they seem in the position and your company, how they would fit in with the company’s culture, as well as their body language.

If two candidates seem equally qualified on their resumes, use interviews to figure out who will truly be the best fit for the position. Rely upon your recruiting partner’s expertise and if you have concerns (or become stumped on a hiring decision), ask for their help. As staffing and hiring experts they have invaluable experience in how to source, interview, and hire great candidates.

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