Micromanaging: A Necessary Evil?

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When it comes to the traits of an office leader, micromanaging isn’t generally something that people strive for. In fact, micromanagers are often seen as fussy or controlling. But for all the bad press that micromanaging gets, sometimes it’s a tool that makes sense to use. Here are some examples of when you should keep a more watchful eye on your employees:

When someone is in a new position.

Whether you’ve hired a new employee or promoted an existing employee to a position with more responsibility, it’s important to keep a close eye on them. Micromanaging someone as they begin a new job is a great way to ensure that they have structure. Without clear goals and standards, an employee may become frustrated or confused by their new duties. When you keep checking in with them as they get acclimated, you have a better chance of shaping them into the kind of employee you need.

When you’re not getting results.

If things aren’t getting accomplished, it’s your responsibility to figure out why. In general, it’s not enough to ask your employees questions about their work habits or where they’ve made mistakes. For you to gain a better outcome this way, it assumes that your employees are both self-aware enough to know their own strengths and weaknesses and honest enough to report them to you. It’s easier to know how to improve things if you can observe your employees working. Have them walk you through their day at work and see if there are any habits you can enhance or correct.

When you’re taking on a big project.

When a company project involves multiple departments or requires coordination of several different schedules, you may need to take a more hands-on role. The more moving pieces there are, the more helpful it is to have a leader with an understanding of how all the parts need to fit together. Daily check-ins with your employees or relevant departments give you the opportunity to nip big problems in the bud before they have a chance to blossom and have a negative impact on your goals.

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