I Love My Job. Why Should I talk to a Recruiter?

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When you’re happily employed, you can be tempted to ignore calls from a recruiter. If you are challenged and well-compensated, why take the time to speak to a recruiter?

Seven Reasons You Should Always Answer When a Recruiter Calls.

  1. Benchmarking Your Worth. You may believe that your current compensation is fair, but do you know for sure? Recruiters have in-depth knowledge of the local market and can tell you if you are being paid what you’re worth. If you are not, you have the option to look for a new position or negotiate for a raise.
  2. Staying Open to Opportunity. Just as it’s critical to keep up with industry developments, it’s important to be open to any new opportunities that arise. Make a note of the opportunity for future interest, or refer a qualified friend who is currently looking.
  3. Low Pressure Interview Practice. When you’ve been in the same position for a while, your interviewing skills get rusty. Brush up your skills when you are not desperate for a new job. If an opportunity you are interested in arises – great, if not, you’ve lost nothing and gained some interviewing experience.
  4. Good Recruiters Know People. It’s always helpful to have a good recruiter in your corner. They have connections at the most in-demand employers in the area, they find out about unpublished jobs and they can help you present yourself well.
  5. Build Relationships. Talking to a recruiter when you don’t need him is a great way to lay the groundwork for when you do. A quick phone call or a chat over coffee can pay big career dividends in the long run.
  6. Understand Your Goals. You may think you know your career path, but talking to a recruiter who knows your industry could give you insights and ideas you may not have thought of. You might be surprised by the varied opportunities available where you can use your skills and experience.
  7. You Could Be Interested. Hey, you never know. The recruiter might just have a line on your dream job. Maybe it’s higher compensation, entry into a target company or the opportunity to travel (or stop traveling).  Take the call and at least hear him out.

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