8 Characteristics of Great Warehouse Candidates

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Warehouse workers are essential for ensuring orders are filled and shipped on time. But not everyone is suited to the tough work that warehouse staffing requires. Here are eight traits to look for in warehouse staff members:

  1. Experience in harsh work environments. Warehouses can get hot or cold – sometimes in the same day. Workers may be inside or outdoors in any weather. Look for candidates with experience working outdoors or in tough conditions.
  2. Familiarity with order and inventory paperwork. Good warehouse workers can keep track of the details associated with tracking stock, and they know how to read and fill out paperwork accurately. Look for staff with experience handling detailed paperwork or keeping track of stock.
  3. Understanding of power equipment used in warehouses. Forklifts, pallet jacks, and other forms of power equipment are essential for efficient warehouse work. Find candidates who have used heavy equipment before and know how to do it safely.
  4. Licensing or certification for certain types of equipment. The ideal candidate doesn’t simply know how to operate a forklift; they’ve also put in the time and effort to get licensed or certified to do so safely. Consider asking candidates with current certifications to “walk you through” safety on the equipment to demonstrate their knowledge and their communication skills.
  5. Skill at counting, cross-checking, picking, and staging orders and shipments. While an understanding of the paperwork is essential, an order that isn’t examined, checked, staged, and packaged properly is one that will get to the customer in bad shape – leading to an uncomfortable phone call and additional time and effort from your company to get it right. Make sure your workers know how to handle stock.
  6. Training in first aid and safety procedures. Do your warehouse staff know what to do in case of an accident? Workers with first aid certifications and prior training in safety procedures are better equipped to keep themselves and their co-workers safe.
  7. Understanding of ergonomics. Heavy lifting, reaching, and squatting are constant activities in a warehouse. Workers with the knowledge to do these with good body mechanics are less likely to injure themselves on the job.
  8. Focus on customer service and problem solving. Warehouse work may feel isolated, but it is an essential part of your company’s connection to its customers. Choose warehouse staff who understand that their task is customer-focused – even if they don’t speak to customers on a daily basis.

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