Expanding Your Team Through Recuitment

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Want to grow your team? Then get into the people business! Top talent is more likely to be employed than unemployed. Duh! Building a great team means recruiting great talent onto your team.  Here are some keys to remember when hitting the recruiting trail:

  1. Think of creative ways to find the talent you are looking for! This could be calling competitors, organizations, schools, web groups…etc. When in doubt, Google it!
  2. Do not be afraid to ask! Never fear rejection in recruiting. When recruiting a candidate, if they are not interested or you’ve simply missed the mark, ask them who they know! There was a reason you called the candidate in the first place, and good people know other good people.
  3. Ask what is in it for them! Traditional recruiting means pitching your opportunity and why it would be a great place for your candidate. You can throw out all the perks, benefits, and pay you want but if it is not what they want, you will not succeed. Simply ask! Ask the candidate what it would take for them to make a career change. Now, you can pitch to meet their needs and help them make it happen!
  4. Roll out the red carpet. After successfully finding a candidate and landing a face to face interview, roll out the red carpet! Have you paid attention to athletic recruiting lately?? Teams compete to get the best athlete and they do it at a BIG expense! They treat top recruits like kings by providing them with the best food and entertainment that is legally allowed. I’m not saying we need to recruit like athletics programs but we do need to treat our candidates with over the top hospitality. Offer them something to drink, introduce them to other members in the office, and show them a good time by having a little fun too.

Best of luck recruiting! Never give up and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try something new today. Your talent is out there. Now go find them!

About the author: Brayden Burnett serves as the Operations Manager for Burnett’s Staffing, a Dallas-Fort Worth based staffing agency starting in 1966. He is the third generation of his family to serve in the staffing industry. Burnett’s Staffing is a valued expert in Dallas-Fort Worth employment. For more information about Brayden and Burnett’s Staffing visit www.burnetts.com!

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