Talent Branding: Make People WANT to Work for Your Company

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Talent branding is important in attracting the right candidate for your company. But why, exactly, and how are you supposed to do it? In a nutshell, talent branding is the process of sharing your company’s culture and values, and doing it successfully will save your company a great deal of money.

Save money recruiting.

Word of mouth is a powerful force in the job market, and perception is everything. Think about what you know about what it’s like to work for Google. Throughout the last few years, news articles have been written about their on-site employee massages, an excellent cafeteria, and generous telecommuting policies, among other perks. Regardless of whatever industry a job candidate works in, if they were offered a job at Google, they’d most likely take it. If candidates think of your company as a great place to work, they’ll be much more likely to come to you and apply, and you’ll spend less time and money going to them.

Reduce turnover.

One of the hardest things to assess when you’re hiring someone is whether or not they’re a cultural fit for your company. If your company’s culture is well-known, however, whether that’s on your website, in social media, or from word of mouth of your current employees, most people who apply for jobs will know what they’re signing up for. That makes it much more likely for a new hire to stay on for a long career with your company.

Tell a story.

So how do you start branding your company? Start with your history. Apple Computers was famously started in a garage; Facebook was created by a Harvard student as a way to bring campus socializing online. How did your company start, and how has it grown? What are its guiding principles? It may not be as glamorous as Google or Facebook, but a story humanizes you, and gives your company a personality. Ask yourself, “What makes you special?”

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