Benefits of Working With an ASA-Certified Staffing Professional

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Benefits of Working With an ASA-Certified Staffing Professional

Benefits of Working With an ASA-Certified Staffing Professional

Beginning your first job search in a long while can be an incredibly difficult and nerve-racking process. Not only have things changed in the process since you were last on the market, but potential employers may now require skills that they never did before. Fortunately, you can get a step up on the competition by working with American Staffing Association (ASA), certified staffing professionals. As the premium qualification for staffing professionals, the ASA certification is what allows them to work with you, as well as businesses, to match available jobs with qualified candidates. So if you’re new on the job market, consider these benefits of working with an ASA-certified staffing professional.

Background Knowledge of Employment Rights

As a requirement of becoming ASA certified, staffing professionals need to be informed about various aspects of employment and labor law. This is to ensure that they’re both operating within the confines of these regulations and that they’re able to adequately educate you about them. At both the federal and state levels, employees have specific expectations to abide by as well as rights once they’re hired. In knowing these standards, you can better prepare yourself for what’s to come and protect yourself should the situation arise.

Compassionate and Driven Associates

Acquiring an ASA certificate takes an extraordinary amount of hard work and dedication to the field. As such, those who are granted this qualification are often some of the most rewarding to work with. Their passion lies in helping individuals find their dream jobs, and they will work as hard as they can to get you on the path to success. They’ll take their time to learn more about your career goals, industry, and personality in order to find the best possible fit for you.

Authentic Interview and Résumé Practice

Another key benefit of working with an ASA-certified staffing professional is that you have access to additional training and practice resources. These agencies frequently study rising trends in the interview, application, and résumé generation processes to best instruct and prepare you for what’s ahead. This is particularly useful if you’re nervous about your next steps and not sure where to begin. They will run practice interviews with you and let you know where you could improve in your presentation.

Professional Advice and Recommendations

Even if you’re unsure about where you want to end up in your career, ASA staffing associates can still help you find opportunities with what you do know. They understand that a person’s interests can change throughout their lives, and this often involves making career changes. In fact, many professionals specialize in helping workers make dramatic career shifts. They can help you reassess your current skills, identify the ones that are most important in the field you want to pursue, and let you know where you’ll need additional training.

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