The Best Jobs for Extreme Introverts & Extroverts

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Are you an extreme introvert or extrovert who is looking for a new job but aren’t sure where to start? A little worried that your personality doesn’t align with anything out there? Landing on either side of the “spectrum” can be tough, but don’t sweat it—there’s seriously something for everyone, we promise. You just need to know where to start. But sometimes, that’s the hardest part. While personality tests might be insightful, almost all of them are a bit limited in scope, and they seldom tell the whole story. Of course, you know yourself better than anyone else. And while that might be what’s holding you back, it shouldn’t be. From meaningful jobs for extreme introverts all the way to jobs for outgoing personalities, there are plenty of career opportunities out there—no matter who you are or where you are. To help you put your best foot forward, we’ve hand-picked a few jobs that are arguably the best jobs for extroverts and introverts. While this combined list is just of the tip of the iceberg, it’s always best to follow your gut and go where your interests rest.

It’s important to do something that interests you, even if you think—based off of your personality alone—that it might not be the best fit.

jobs for introverts

The Best Jobs for Extreme Introverts

So, you’re a little shy. So, what? If people aren’t necessarily you’re thing, and they exhaust the living daylights out of you, and that’s OK. We totally get it. Being stuck in your own head and being overstimulated by your surroundings is no joke either. And battling a combination of both at the same time—especially in the workplace—can be a real nightmare. But don’t count yourself out just yet. You may work and thrive differently than your extroverted counterparts, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact, it’s more commonly agreed upon that it’s essential for corporate America to start hiring more introverts—and believe us, they’re listening. Below are three great jobs for extreme introverts, because each one allows you to work with your strengths, which will give you a better opportunity to succeed professionally.

Internet Service Technician

Going from house to house, internet technicians often work alone. All that time spent in the car means there’s plenty of time to listen to your favorite songs and unwind throughout the day. Many internet service technicians love their job because it allows them to work with their hands and solve problems on their own. It’s also a particularly quiet job with little face-to-face interaction.

Web Developer

Are you an introvert that enjoys using your brain and the computer? A career as a web developer allows a methodical introvert to sit at the computer for hours a day with minimal interaction with other people. Even if your coding skills are underdeveloped, there are plenty of fast and affordable classes you can take to get started.

Non-Fiction Writer

Maybe you’re a particularly creative introvert with a vivid imagination. Blogging, search engine optimization (SEO), and technical writing gigs are perfect jobs for creative introverts. There’s a lot more that goes into these jobs than just writing. Aside from the writing, many introverts also love the technical aspects and necessary research each job demands.

jobs for extroverts

The Best Jobs for Extroverts

The opposite of introverts, the extroverted personality is perceived as someone who is outgoing and loves being the center of attention in large groups of people. As an extrovert, you probably feel your best when you surround yourself with people. We’ve already written quite a bit about extroverts in the workforce, so we won’t expand on it here. But there’s a misconception that an extrovert’s personality can be too overbearing and that employers aren’t searching for like-minded employees. Rather than seeing your personality as a hindrance, you should instead view it as a skill or tool that can be used to your advantage. There are a lot of great career opportunities out there, just waiting for someone like you. Below are some of the best jobs for extroverts.

Public Relations Specialist

The name says it all. As one of the best jobs for extroverts, a public relations specialist is responsible for projecting the company’s primary intentions and shaping the public’s overall perception of the organization. If you’re an extrovert who enjoys building relationships and thrives on communication, consider a career in public relations.

Sales Representative

Extroverts make outstanding sales people because of their confidence, their ability to receive energy from groups of people, and their competitiveness. Sales representatives typically receive compensation through a commission program, which isn’t seen as an issue for most extroverts because they can quickly establish rapport with customers to close more sales.

Account Manager

Whether it’s at a call center or marketing agency, most extroverts excel as account managers because the job demands poise, an outgoing spirit, and finely tuned relationship-building skills. If you love to solve problems and help people with theirs, this might be the perfect job opportunity for you.

It’s common for some job seekers to not think broadly enough in regards to how their skill-set and previous experience could translate elsewhere. For example, if you work in retail and wish to become a retail manager, but you find yourself not enjoying your work, you may want to consider how your managerial qualifications could help you break into a new organization or even a new industry. If you are unsatisfied with your current job or employer, we recommend expanding your horizons or at least exploring other job opportunities. Our list above scratches the surface of available careers; So keep in mind that your experience and skills are transferable and don’t fall into any self-induced traps by limiting the scope of your job search.

Whether you consider yourself to be an introvert or extrovert, there is a definite place for you within the workforce, and at Burnett’s Staffing, our recruiters will help decrease your stress of finding it. We enjoy supporting job seekers throughout every step of the hiring process, and we’ll make it easier for you to find a job that you truly love. For more information about our services, please contact Burnett’s Staffing today!

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